These days, everybody has a video production studio in their pocket. You can create compelling, funny or informative videos in a flash. Don’t let them sit on your cell phone, put them to good use on your business website or on your blog. Here are three reasons you want to:

Video engages your readers in ways that words can’t

Engage readers with video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when you think about it, video is thousands of pictures. A simple 10-second product or example video will say more than words can describe.

Show your customers every angle of a new restaurant menu item, by placing it on a lazy susan and giving it a spin. Fashion blog readers will see every pleat, stitch or tie on an outfit when you set up your camera and give yourself a twirl.

Video views keep visitors on your website longer and boost SEO

Keep visitors on your site with video

The average time a user spends on a website is shockingly short. Videos help capture visitors’ attention and keep them on your website longer.

Keep your viewers engaged with several short 10 second videos on a page. If they like the first video they view, they are likely to click on the next. For longer videos, promise a payoff at the end of the video, such as a coupon code or special offer. Videos should never be longer than 3 minutes.

Creating videos for your website or blog is quick and easy

Creating video content for your website is quick and easy

Your phone shoots fantastic video. You’ll need to store it somewhere other than your blog, however.

Upload your video straight from your phone to YouTube or Vimeo. Each platform has mobile apps that allow you to create titles, descriptions and other SEO-friendly elements. Copy the embed code and add it to your homepage or to a blog post. Boom, video.

Bonus: Get more traffic out of your videos

You can repurpose your videos for your social media accounts. Mobile apps such Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you to upload videos you’ve created.

As you get more adept at making videos, you may want to investigate other mobile video apps on your phone, such as Filmora, VidLab or Over, which allow you to add overlays filters and other interesting visual effects to your content.

Adding video to your site is super easy. Why not give it a go right now? Friendly martian can help get you started. Contact us today.