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Services for bloggers and influencers

We love launching new campaigns for bloggers and influencers. Whether your thing is food, fashion, travel, lifestyle or any other topic, we can help you get off the ground with a new blog, email campaign and social pages. We work with established bloggers, too, for site redesigns, re-imagined email looks, and rebranding.

Here are a few things that we can do for you:

We give you the blog design you want

From minimal and clean to photographic and colorful, friendly martian designs blogs that reflect the personality of their owners. We’ll help you build your brand with the visuals you want.

We tie your blog to social media services

Social media integration is critical to getting your message out, and we build blogs that make it easy to post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also add your social content to your blog and your email campaigns.

We’ll build an automated email campaign for your blog

We create email campaigns that take the content from your blog and send it to your subscribers. You’ll hardly have to lift a finger. We also make it easy for readers to subscribe to your list and share your content.

We integrate affiliate programs, shops and advertising

We’ll help you install and configure affiliate programs like RewardStyle, ShopStyle, and others so you can easily earn commissions for your posts and photos.

We do the technical work for you

At friendly martian, we keep up with site chores, so you can concentrate on blogging. Our website maintenance services will keep your blog up-to-date and speedy, and we build the special shop pages and install the plugins that you’ll need.